• Cheryl Hoff

India was Humbling

My 3 month journey to India has ended and I have had time at home to assimilate and reflect upon all I had experienced, the shifts that occurred and the little gems of knowledge that dug roots deeply. The memories will be cherished forever. Absolute harmonious chaos that at times brought me to my knees. Tears. Growth. Heart expansion. There is a reverence I will forever hold in my heart for India. Jai Maa, Shiva and Shakti are fully present within. I had a discussion with a co teacher at the studio I teach in and truly I couldn't have written anything better than what she had sent me. Thank you Lisa Hillier for formatting my thoughts and emotions into words... "Today while I was in conversation with a beautiful soul about India I was reminded of how our greatest lessons and teachers usually show up nothing like we expected. How different people show up for different reasons then we want, that what we need might be nothing like what we asked for and how if we are able to step back from any given situation we might be able to get a glimpse that it is the exact lesson that was required to bring us closer to our truth. It reminded me of this post I wrote after I returned from India. ++++++++++++++ If you were to ask me where the most amazing place I've ever been is, it would be India. Not because it's the most beautiful or because I had the best vacation there. For none of those reasons but for all of the right reasons. It changed me. Every ounce of me. It pushed every limit, evoked every emotion and challenged all of my fears. It changed how I see the world. Every second seeing and feeling the fragility of life, pure love, intense joy, the beauty of the moment. I started reading Shantaram while I was there, in the book he refers to India as the heart of the world and I could not agree more. I don't think there is anywhere as raw and real, that loves and hates with such intensity as India. I loved that place and hated that place with equal intensity. I joke that I fled India and in a way it's true; I could not wait to get out of there but sat in the Delhi airport and bawled my eyes out because I didn't want to leave. I didn't know what to make of all that I had experienced, what I was feeling and what it all meant. I needed to leave to see all of its true beauty. Life gives us lessons and opportunities that change us and bring us closer to our truth but they might not look like what we expected or be who we expected....they probably won't be beautiful or perfectly packaged {India definitely was not} and we might not see the beauty for years to come but I can almost guarantee they'll be exactly what we need. I needed India."

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