• Cheryl Hoff

WTF is Walking the Yogic Path?

Walking the Yogic path.... What does that even mean? For many today, it means moving your body, drinking your lemon/apple cider vinegar elixir in the morning, “trying” to be nice, etc. etc. etc. Nope. And that’s a big hard nope. It’s meaning is SO much bigger than that. It’s a deep dark dive into the psyche of self. Stop for a moment and ask yourself why do I lash out? Why do I behave the way I do? Why am I SO polarized (mask-no mask/Vaccine-no vaccine/ liberal-conservative..the list goes on an on)? Essentially, why do you always think you’re right? Why are you such a victim? Yup -you. What made you such a victim? Why are you so triggered by someone else’s words or actions, to experience such inner tension and cognitive dissonance, to judge or attack others. Why are you so insecure and held back? YOGA. The YOGIC path. It’s a process. It’s a process of working with our shadow selves Yes, YOU have issues...and a deeply rooted shadow self! We all do! The yogic path is about doing the deep dive to eradicate the negative parts of your self and to integrate the separate parts of self into one whole. Yoga is not all love, light, lulu and blessed be the fruit! Sh*t, If that were true, you would be beaming rainbows out of your a$$ Shine a light inwards. Be willing to come to grips with the ugly you. We are all a little ugly sometimes. That ugliness is a cry for help from the inner child still living and reliving every moment of your existence. When we come to terms with the realization that our path - muddy, dark and rocky, will be the navigational compass for a very ugly life if you continue to pull the victim card. When you are ready to accept the sting of past and present rejection, and really sink into feeling the emotions that ride along with it- then the healing begins. Healing the split between the conscious self and the shadow self is life-changing. Are you ready and willing to do the work? Are you able to be a heart warrior instead of a victim? Classes are coming back soon...I feel it in my bones!

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