• Cheryl Hoff

New 30 Day Challenge

Crossfield 30 Day Yoga Challenge was a blast! We are done in 5 days so we are going to start a new challenge beginning May 6!

In 5 days this group has learned 30 different Pranayama techniques & Practiced Kriyas and yoga for 30 days in a row!

We don’t want it to end!

So I am going to continue on!

Another FREE 30 Day Challenge (this one specifically geared towards strength and a possibility of weight loss)

Don’t let the “weight loss” label trigger you. Let’s approach it as taking charge of our health.

I will post:

-A daily live check in/motivational reading

-A daily vegan/vegetarian recipe

-A daily 30 min yoga practice

Are you in?

Go to @Cherylhoffyoga on Facebook and join the 30 day challenge!

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